french courses in lille

My name is Yuri, I come from Japan and this is my testimony on workshops led by Catherine. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed with coffee or tea. For example, what was nice for me is that we could talk to her about the different meanings of the French words and their nuances ; things that you could not ask a teacher at University during a French course. Catherine did that very easily. In addition, you could learn how to deal with French administrative matters whic can be very complicated for foreigners. In short, you could ask for activities close to real life and tips for living comfortably in France..

My name is Raquel and I'm Spanish. Two years ago, I decided to study languages​​, which for me has always been difficult. In January, not knowing a word in French, I took a two-week intensive French course with Catherine. English sometimes helped us. The experience was fantastic and the programme made ​​me progress rapidly. She is the best teacher in the world!

Hello, my name is Katya and I'm Russian. I have studied the French language with Ms. Lefebvre for six months. She is a very good teacher who pays a lot of attention to her students. The lessons are very good quality and very interesting. I recommend her very much. Everyone should take this course.

I'm July Pedrozo. I am Colombian and I arrived in February 2011 in Lille. I came to France to improve my French. A friend suggested I go with her on Saturday, to a conversation workshop run by a very nice woman. That is how I met Catherine Lefebvre and I am proud to say that I really progressed through this course. The lessons were dynamic. I learnt through games and other fun methods. The atmosphere was very nice and friendly. Today I fully recommend her course because you will find a highly qualified teacher!

Hello, my name is Alkhanashvili Giorgi. I am originally from Georgia. I arrived in France 3 years ago to porsue my studies. I am currently a student at the Faculty of Engineering and Eealth Management. Arriving in France, I had a lot of difficulties, especially with the French language since to study in a country one must master the language . I decided then to find a school, which allowed me to improve my French. But I knew very well that this was not enough, I had to practice the language . At international meetings, I found Catherine Lefebvre very interesting. She suggested we meet every Saturday afternoon to have French lessons and discuss the language in general. I found this to be a great idea, because we could speak French, learn the French culture and that of other countries. At Catherine’s I met a lot of really interesting people. We organised several evenings, multiple intercultural outings and international meals ... We have created an association where we exchange our ideas. We help people who have just arrived in Lille ... I can honestly say, it is thanks to Catherine and all the meetings that I have improved my language skills and managed to integrate into French society. I know how hard it is to find one’s place in a foreign country …

This is why I say a big THANK YOU!

Hi! My name is Christian and I am from Germany. I lived in Lille for a year and it was hard at first not to know how to speak French. After some time, I met Catherine and I attended her classes. It was a great help to improve my language! In addition, the courses were always held in an atmosphere which was very friendly. In a small group and with an effective communication, I quickly learned French grammar. Catherine always knew how to give us confidence and exceed our fears when speaking French.

Thank you very much Catherine!